One more chance

作詞 Maynard/Blaise
作曲 Maynard/Blaise

I've said everything that there is to say
I want you to say
Why don't you give me one more chance

All the wasted time
Leave it all behind
Our hearts will tell the truth why don't you listen

If what you want is something new
That's exactly what I'll give to you 'cause I need you

I don't care that the entire world revolves around you
So long as that I am in it

So give me
One more chance

I'm lost to say the least, I put myself at ease,
Breathing heavily like my chest is caving in.
Is this happening? Really? really?
Gotta get outta here, I haven't had a tear in years.
Breaking me down, taking me down, moving me down low.
Like I never felt before, what ya want me to do?
I love you girl! You rock my world.
It's been a long time since I've had a good time
Hoping this will never end because it's so fine.
It's been a long time since I've had a good time.

So give me
One more chance